Traveling Light Source


  • Collimated Light Source
  • Accommodates Very Long Work Pieces
  • Microprocesser Controlled
  • Built To Customers Specification
  • Even Light Coverage Over Frame Area
Cirgraphics Ltd., have developed a traveling light source for single or double sided work which can be built to accommodate very long work pieces. Based on well proven theories and using modern techniques and materials, this machine provides an efficient and economical method of producing large printed circuit boards, flexibles and chemically milled components.
The work is held under vacuum in either a glass to glass or Mylar to glass vacuum frame, or for single sided work can be Mylar to base or vacuum blanket to glass. Registration systems can be supplied to assist in side to side registration.
UV lamps of up to 10Kw are available, depending upon their length. They are cooled using an extractor fan balanced to the heat output of the lamps. It is fitted externally to the machine and is connected via a flexible trunking.
On double sided units the lamp houses traverse across the vacuum frame, one above and one below, under control of a microprocessor which adjusts the speed to compensate for voltage fluctuations, lamp aging etc., to giving consistent results under all conditions. For single sided machines it is normal for the single lamp house to be on the top.



Maximum frame exposure area
3500 x 1500mm (aprox.)
Loading height
900mm (aprox).
Lamp output power
up to 10kw
(dependant on lamp length)
Electrical supply
380/400v - 3ph+N - 50hz - 32-60amp
(dependant on lamp power)

These specifications are as a guide only, all machines are produced to the customers own requirements and specification.

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