High Speed Vacuum Printer


For the production of :

  • Printed circuit boards
  • Chemical milled components
  • Litho Printing plates
  • Daylight film contacting
  • Diazo film contacting
  • Colour proofing
The Cirgraphics Model T411 Vacuum Printer is housed in a two-part robust steel cabinet that can be split for ease of installation in confined spaces.
The lower part of the cabinet contains the lamphouse, power pack and vacuum pump, whilst the upper part houses the front mounted control console, with the glass and hinged blanket frame mounted on the top. The glass frame is hinged at the rear and can be opened and supported by gas dampers to facilitate cleaning the underside of the glass.
The blanket frame incorporates a safety interlock device that ensures that the shutters cannot be opened to allow UV light to reach the operator whilst the frame is up.
The lamp is cooled by a 'snail cam' fan, mounted on the front of the lamphouse, which draws air in from the rear, blows it over the lamp and exhausts it to the rear. The lamp power automatically shuts down to 1kW as the shutters close, thereby reducing heat build up and saving energy. A remote extraction fan complete with a length of hose is supplied to take the exhaust air away from the machine and, if necessary, out of the working environment.
A microprocessor based integrator, which measures UV light, controls the exposures and compensates for voltage fluctuations and lamp ageing. The controller has sixteen memory channels available, each containing:
  • Exposure duration
  • Vacuum delay
  • Vacuum mode
  • Lamp power setting

The memories can be protected by a personal identification number, (PIN) to ensure that only authorised personnel can access the contents. The microprocessor also controls and monitors the frame function and has within it a diagnostic test routine to aid fault finding should a fault occur.

Optional Accessories

Pin Registration System (Printed Circuits)
The T411 can be adapted to accommodate two printed circuit boards up to 450 x 140mm positioned side by side so that the front of one board and the back of the other can be exposed together. The photo masters being left on the glass and located by the pins. On completion of the exposure, the two boards are interchanged without the need to disturb the photo tools. This reduces handling and eliminates wear on the photo tool registration holes.



Maximum frame exposure area (standard)
740 x 920mm
Maximum board size
740 x 900mm
Loading height, from floor
Maximum UV energy @ glass
Selectable power settings
1kw, 2kw, 3kw,4kw
Spectral emission of lamp (standard)
Spectral emission of lamp (optional)
Electrical supply
380/400 3+N 50Hz 16amps/ph
Exhaust air
660m³/hr (fan & 3m hose supplied)
Overall dimensions (DxWxH))
1090 x 1170 x 1070mm
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