High Productivity Offset Plate Exposing System


  • Twin interlinked Vacuum frames
  • 4kw M.H. light source
  • Microprocessor controlled system
  • Customised pin registration facility
  • Quick Vacuum system

The Cirgraphics T960 'Twinspeed' is a versatile high productivity offset plate exposing system, incorporating two vacuum frames that are interlinked so that whilst one frame is being exposed to the 4Kw Metal Halide Light Source, the second unit can be loaded, ready for immediate exposure when the first drawer is withdrawn from the machine.

Interchanging of the Vacuum Frames is power assisted, and are so arranged that they can not be interchanged whilst an exposure sequence is in operation, nor will an exposure be given unless satisfactory vacuum contact is present.

The frame can be fitted with a plate pin registration system that matches the printing press needs, each system being customised to order.

Microprocessor Control
The brain of the T960 system is the Micro-processor that monitors all sequence functions, from ignition of the Metal Halide Light Source through the Vacuum Selection control stage, together with the Exposure Sequence.

A facility is provided for the pre-setting of three different exposure programmes stored ready for immediate use, on depression of the appropriate channel selection button.

A choice of 'Full' or 'Half power operation of the Metal Halide Light Source is also push button selected, enabling a very wide range of plate sensitivity to be catered for.

The 'mimic' display, guides the operator as to the stage of the operating sequence, aided by a digital display that not only shows the level of exposure at the commencement of the exposure sequence but also shows the rate of exposure count-down. In the event of mallunction occurring in the system, the same display is used to identify the nature of the fault, employing the self-diagnosed test facility.

Provision is made for the system to be operated as a single drawer production centre, where small through put is required.

M.H. Light Source
The 4Kw Metal Halide lamp is mounted in its own assembly incorporating a special reflector, motorised 'double arc' shutter and forced air cooling and has been specially selected as its spectral emission of 300-420nm is closely matched to the spectral response of all commonly used pre-sensitised plates.

Forced air ventilation from the lamp house can be ducted away from the machine so maintaining a cool working environment.

Operator Control Panel
The side mounted control centre, houses the microprocessor control system together with programme selection buttons and mimic display.

Exposure programme data is entered into the system via the digital keyboard, and the selected values are shown on the digital display which doubles as a 'run-down' indicator, during the sequence as well as a 'prompt' for test procedures.

Each Vacuum Frame incorporates light seals that eliminate light escaping from the cabinet.

Storage shelves are provided below the Vacuum Frame loading position for film flats or offset plates.



Max. plate size
710mm x 990mm (28in x 39in)
Max frame site area
160mm x 1040mm (30in x 41in)
Loading height of top frame
890mm (35in) Aprox.
Loading height of bottom frame
810mm (32in) Aprox.
M.H. lamp
Spectral emission (std.)
Electrical supply
380 / 400v 3 phase & N 20A
Overall height
2300mm (90.25in)
1390mm (54.75in)
2115mm (83in)
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