Vertical Spray Etching Machine



  • Ideal for Chemical Milling on various materials.

  • Etches four plates simultaneously.

  • Plastic Construction impervious to normal etching mordent's.

  • Requires minimum floor space.

T113P Vertical Spray Etcher


The machine relies upon a vertical tube with an impeller at the bottom, which is immersed in the etching mordant. When the spray tube is rotated at speed the impeller induces the etching mordant to rise inside the tube. The sides of the tube are drilled to allow the etching solution to escape in a fine spray on to the surface of the plates to be etched, which rest against the inside walls of the machine.

The speed of etching depends upon the strength of the etching mordant and the force with which it hits the plate surface, as well as the time the plate is in the machine. The high speed of the spray tube ensures ideal etching conditions.

Optional Extras
Titanium Heater



Max. Plate Size
560mm x 460mm (22" x 18")
Min. Etching Fluid
9 gallons (30 Litres)
Electrical Supply
230v - 1ph - 50Hz - 13A
Overall Size
1250mm x 850mm x 850mm
(50" x 34" x 34")
Net Weight
76 Kg (1681bs)
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