Projection Camera

The Cirgraphics range of T232 Projection Cameras is based upon the very successful T231 Horizontal Camera which has proven to be very reliable over recent years. The modifications and accessories available allow this camera to be supplied in a wide range of formats to suit the majority of projection applications.

The Cirgraphics unique sizing system allows each body position to be determined and set to give both accurate sizing and a sharp image at the first attempt.

A range of suction boards and mounting options allow negatives up to 200" x 60" (508cm x 152cm) to be accommodated and the range of lenses will give enlargements from 200 to 1000%

The camera can be supplied as a dedicated projection camera or as a standard gallery camera with the projection option, both units being backed up by CIRGRAPHICS excellent after sales and service record.

Basic Camera Module comprising:-

  • Fabricated bed with ground bedways
  • Vernier scale for accurate body positioning
  • Legs with anti-vibration mounts
  • Hand held sizing computer
  • Standard front body assembly
  • Bellows
  • Overall length 353cm (137")

Backbody Assembly options

  • Hinge down focussing glass
  • Zoned, Drop down vacuum film holder to accept a variety of films up to
    53 x 63cm's or 64 x 84 cm's

Lens Panel options

  • Single leaf shutter suitable for lenses up to and including 480mm
  • Double leaf shutter suitable for lenses up to and including 760mm
  • Rise and cross movement suitable for all lenses up to and including 760mm
  • Motorised diaphragm drive remotely driven from darkroom


E.F.L Range, Basic / Projection:

  • 760mm 200-600%
  • 610mm 40-200% 300-700%
  • 480mm 25-250% 400-800%
  • 360mm 16-400% 600-1200%
  • 240mm 09-20%

NOTE:- The ranges of these lenses are intended as a guide only. Actual parameters can only be confirmed when the type of unit has been agreed and original sizes with their anticipated final sizes have been specified.

Copyholder options

  • Book type copyholder complete with transillumination pressure board. Maximum copy 75 x 100cms
  • Rear loading hinge down copyholder (Imposition) Glass to glass pressure system Facility to overlap films for poster work
  • Light box mounted to rear of standard copyholder Must be used in conjunction with transillumination pressure board
  • Light box mounted to rear of poster copyholder (Imposition)

Suction Board Wall mounting, floor standing or on Overhead gantry complete with:-

  • Precision steel runway.
  • Free moving trolley system carrying suction board.
  • Easy read measuring system for pre-determined body position.
  • Positive clamp arrangement to hold body in position.
  • Hand held control station to allow image to be checked for sharpness at suction board face.

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