Registration Table

Registration Systems T101 - T102
The registration system was designed to enable double sided plated through hole printed circuit boards to be exposed in constant registration quickly and efficiently. It can also be used for the registration of inner and outer layers in multilayer production and to punch photo tools in register with one another.
The registration system comprises of an illuminated film punch (T102) and a register table (T101). Four standard sizes of punch and register pin are available and non standard versions can be supplied up to a maximum of 5mm diameter.



  • Coice of Register pin size



T101 Register Table

The T101 registration table is used for the registration of both photo tools to each side of the board before it is placed into the exposure unit.
Two retractable pins are mounted in a slot across the table, one being adjustable to suit board drilling centers. The pins are ground to suit the tooling size used in the board. The machine is best placed close to the exposure unit, and to use, it is first necessary to set the pins to the tooling hole centres by using a board as a master. The photo tool is placed (face up) over the pins followed by the board, which in turn is followed by the upper diazo (face down). Rub down the sandwich to ensure that the photo tools adhere to the board and push down on the handle which retracts the pins downwards. This reduces to a minimum the wear on the photo tools, which can now be easily removed from the table and placed into the exposure unit.
The main advantages of this system are that the photo tool and the board are production items and any drilling error or the photo tool distortion can be seen and, if possible, evened out before punching. Also, no pins are used in the vacuum frame to damage the embossed polyester and the hole produced by the punch and the die system is round and accurate.



Maximum hole centres
Minimum hole centres
Standard Pin Sizes
Type A 3.185mm
Type B 3.150mm
Type C 3.125mm
Type D 3.000mm
Special Pin Sizes
Maximum 5mm
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