Illuminated Centreline Film Punch

Registration Systems T101 - T102
The registration system was designed to enable double sided plated through hole printed circuit boards to be exposed in constant registration quickly and efficiently. It can also be used for the registration of inner and outer layers in multilayer production and to punch photo tools in register with one another.
The registration system comprises of an illuminated film punch (T102) and a register table (T101). Four standard sizes of punch and register pin are available and non standard versions can be supplied up to a maximum of 5mm diameter.

See T102E for edge punching of photo tools.



  • Centre line punching
  • Choice of punch sizes
  • Yellow / Gold illuminated



T102 Centerline Illuminated Film Punch

The T102 illuminated film punch has two adjustable punch blocks mounted across the light box. Each block has a punch mounted in the base and protruding above the surface. The die is mounted above the punch and also acts as a clamp. To punch a diazo photo tool in register with a pre-drilled board, adjust the punch block to allow the tooling holes in the board to locate easily over the punches and clamp the block in position, adjust the height at the punch so that it is not protruding above the board. The light shining through the diazo photo tool, will aid with adjustment of the position, check with a magnifier until all pads are accurately positioned with drilled holes. Clamp down carefully using the die and re-check the position. When completely satisfied depress the handle and punch the holes.



Maximum hole centres
Minimum hole centres
Max mm from edge of board to tool hole
Maximum board thickness
Standard Punch Sizes
Type A 3.185mm
Type B 3.150mm
Type C 3.125mm
Type D 3.000mm
Special Punch Sizes
Maximum 5mm
Electrical Supply
230V - 1ph - 50Hz - 1A

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