Illuminated Edge Film Punch



  • Up to 7 punch heads
  • Edge hole punching
  • Choice of punch sizes
  • Yellow / Gold Illuminated



T102E Edge Illuminated Film Punch

The Cirgraphics T102E Edge Punch is an adaptation of their very successful T102 Centre Line System.

It has been designed with adjustable punch heads that can be lined up with a series of tooling holes drilled along one edge of the board. The unit can be supplied with any number of heads, but seven is considered a maximum which we believe covers all of the in-line edge location systems. Each block has a punch mounted in the base and is operated by the hand lever on the left hand side of the machine, via an actuator bar running beneath it. The die is mounted above the punch which also acts as a clamp.

To punch a diazo photo tool in line with a pre-drilled board, adjust each block to locate in the tooling holes of the board and clamp. Adjust the height of the punches so that they do not protrude over the top of the board. Switch on the illumination and place the diazo on the board. Line it up carefully so that the light coming through the pattern holes is in the centre of the pads. Carefully clamp the film using the clamp on the top of the blocks and recheck the position. When completely satisfied depress the handle and punch the holes. This unit can be supplied with a micro adjuster system and if required, a video camera system. Please ask for details.

Computer generated film can be punched this way using dedicated holes and spots for alignment.



Maximum hole centres
Minimum hole centres
Max mm from edge of board to tool hole
Maximum board thickness
Standard Punch Sizes:
Type A :- 3.185mm
Type B :-3.150mm
Type C :-3.125mm
Type D :-3.000mm
Special punch sizes
Maximum 5mm
Electrical supply
230V - 1ph - 50Hz - 1A

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