Cirgraphics have developed a device to assist in the precise movements required for the close tolerances associated with today's registration of phototools.

The Micro Adjuster is designed to fit onto the Cirgraphics T102 and T102E illuminated film punches, and is capable of being used on any registration equipment having a flat, smooth surface.

The unit has a fixed base and a moving top plate which is moved in two dimensions and rotated by three micrometers. Strong springs ensure that the moving plate is always in contact with each of the micrometers. This movement is transmitted to the photo tool via a pair of retractable arms, on the base of which are special dry stick pads, which firmly grip the film without damage.

Guide lines on the base show the position of the moving plate and enables the adjustment to be returned to a central position as required.

Its all metal construction and robust design ensure that the Micro Adjuster will continue to give satisfaction without the need for service or spares for many years

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