Single Hole Punch


  • Infinate number of holes may be punched in any Photo tool
  • Accurate alignment to target
  • 25 to 1 enlargement of target on display
  • Where you see is where you punch
  • Micrometer adjustment of x,y and rotational axis
The single hole punch has been designed to accurately punch holes to generated targets on artwork and photo tools.
A CCD camera is precisely located below the punch and views the target through the die.
The image is projected to a monitor mounted at a comfortable height at the rear of the unit, and enlarged to an approximate ratio of 25:1, where it can be aligned to an electronically generated target.
This alignment is carried out by three micrometer adjusters which allow rational movement on the x and y axis.
The film is held to the adjuster plate by vacuum and the pneumatically operated punch will only function if this vacuum has been achieved.
This single hole system allows any number of tooling holes to be punched at an infinite number of centres and positions. It will also work with a great variety of targets and accuracy can be verified after punching if the design and size of the target allow.
A stand is available as an option giving a working height of 105cm.
Table extensions can also be provided for larger film sizes or edge punching along the long edge.



Hole Size
3mm dia. min. - 6.5mm dia. max.
Maximum punch throat depth
Electrical supply
230v - 1ph - 50hz -2A
Air supply
5.5 bar
Overall size (W-D-H)
540 x 770 x 690mm
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