Transfer Tape

& Dispenser

Tape Dispenser

Cirgraphics offer an adhesive tape suitable for holding phototools to glass during the exposure of printed circuit boards and similar processes.

The transfer tape TRTA924A is based on an acrylic adhesive system and is supplied in rolls 12mm wide by 55m long. It is suitable for use under high intensity UV light and can be easily removed from the glass when finished with.

A dispenser TRTA924D can be supplied to assist in the application of the tape that removes the backing as the tape is applied.

A solvent cleaner is available should the glass need occasional extra cleaning.



Adhesive system
Tape thickness
With backing 0.15mm
Without backing 0.05mm
Adhesive strength
90° peel 2.7N/10mm
Temperature Minimum -30°C
Maximum continuous 80°C
Maximum 120°C

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