UV Curing Glue


This glue is ideal for attaching photo tools to glass when used in an exposure unit.

Unlike tapes it does not leave a sticky residue and is easy to remove without the need for cleaners.

To afix a phototool to glass couldn't be simpler. Fit the nozzle provided onto the glue container so as to give a very small hole. A number of tiny dots of glue should be positioned on the non-emulsion side of the photo tool, outside the board area. The number and position depends on local circumstances. Typically, four or six dots would be used: one on each corner and one centrally on each of the long sides. The photo tool is then positioned over the registration pins, or in the required position. If a glass to glass system is being used the top photo tool is prepared in the same way and placed on the lower tool: emulsion to emulsion.
The photo tools are then checked for alignment using a loupe or glass. Once you are happy with this the vacuum frame can be closed and a final check made of the registration.
Before carrying out the next step ensure that no glue has been spilt onto the glass. If this has happened, it must be cleaned off the glass before exposure.
Assuming a vacuum has been pulled, the drawer can now be sent in for exposure. The exposure time will depend on the unit being used (the wavelength and energy).
As a starting point, the recommended exposure needed to set the glue is usually about the same setting as would be used for a LPISM type ink. The glue will cure with more exposure when using the machine normally. Once the glue has cured, the vacuum frame is ready to be used.

The photo tool should peel off reasonably easily if care is taken not to peel too fast. The glue on the glass will have formed a disc of around 10-15mm in diameter. To remove this pad, carefully roll the pad from the glass using your thumb or finger. Try not to pick at the glue. Any loose debris can be picked up by using an adhesive tape.


Uncured properties
Solids content
100% no solvents
(20rpm) 50,000 cP (nominal)
Skin and Eye irritant
UV Wavelength
365 nM
-100°C to 1200°C
Storage Time
Greater than 6 months at 00°C`to +50°C
Cured properties
Shear Strength
500 psi

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